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Farm Brothers greatly values the protection of personal data of all persons, partners, and other relations involved. At Farm Brothers, personal data is therefore processed and secured with the greatest care. Thus, Farm Brothers is committed to comply with all requirements set by applicable Data Protection legislation.

In this Privacy Statement we will answer your foremost questions about the way Farm Brothers processes personal data.

Processing of personal data

Farm Brothers processes the personal data of customers, website visitors, staff, suppliers, external relations, and applicants.

Farm Brothers is itself responsible for the processing of this personal data.

Our contact details:  Farm Brothers, Gravestraat 5, 8647 Lo-Reninge, Belgium

Farm Brothers processes personal data for various purposes:

  • The processing of your questions, complaints, or responses via email or via social media;
  • Consumer surveys for which you took part in a customer panel or which you participated in online;
  • Competitions you participate in through our social media channels.

Information is collected via Google Analytics, this relates to your click and visiting behavior on our website. Google Analytics obtains this information through your IP Address. They have not been given permission to share your data with third parties.

The further development of our products is important to us, for that reason we may use your data, for example, to:

  • Improve our services, including the user-friendliness of our website
  • Consumer surveys which you take part in after you gave permission

We are legally required to share certain data with other organizations, or to store such data. This applies, for example, to:

  • Administrative data for Tax and Revenue Services

Data Protection

Farm Brothers respects and protects your personal data. We abide by the following rules:

  • We keep your personal data confidential;
  • We only use your data to deliver products and services to you and will not sell your data to third parties;
  • We will not process more details than required;
  • We will retain your data only for the period permitted by law and as long as is required to process your data.
  • Your data may be shared across Farm Brothers organization, but can only be used by staff who require that data to do their work.

We will share personal data with third parties engaged by us to provide services to you. These third parties will only be engaged if they demonstrably comply with the privacy provisions. Additionally, your personal data may be provided to third parties in cases where we are legally required to do so, including, for example, the Tax and Revenue Service. Your personal data will never be sold.

When data may no longer be stored, Farm Brothers will either destroy your personal data or anonymize it by removing everything that refers to you; name, email address, etc. This anonymous data can then be used for reporting and internal analysis purposes.

The retention period for data depends on the nature of the data and the purposes for which it is processed. These are the applicable retention periods:

  • Salary data must be retained up to 7 years after termination of employment. The Tax and Revenue Services require this;
  • Webforms containing your requests / questions / suggestions; these will be removed one year after they were filled out;
  • Complaints are deleted one year after the matter was dealt with;
  • Consumer survey; your data will be stored until one year after you last participated in any consumer survey;
  • Competitions; these are removed one year after participation.

In general, your personal data will be stored within the European Union. If personal data is to be transmitted to countries outside the European Union, we will ensure that your privacy remains adequately protected. In that case we will enter into a special contract to safeguard the protection of data.

Our website contains links to websites like Facebook, Instagram, and other external websites. This privacy statement pertains exclusively to our website and we recommend that you also consult the privacy policies of the websites that the links on our website refer to.

In the processing of personal data, Farm Brothers is bound, among other things, to:

  • Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG) – The Dutch version of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Access to data

Farm Brothers will always allow you to access your data. To view your data, please send an email to:

You can also send us a request to modify or block your personal data, this too can be done by sending an email.

Please send us a copy of your ID, so that we can ensure that it is your data, and in doing so, don’t forget to make your Personal Identification Number and picture illegible.

Farm Brothers is required to remove your personal data once the legal retention period has expired or when we no longer require your data. In addition, you can file a request for removal. If you want to have your data removed, you can request us to do so by email. We will then remove your data unless the retention period has not yet expired.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Farm Brothers may update this statement on a regular basis. If the legislation is updated or in case of new developments, we will modify our Privacy Statement to reflect those changes. The website always shows the most recent version of the statement.

This statement was last updated on 11/08/2023.

Applying for a job at Farm Brothers

When you apply for a job at Farm Brothers, we will treat your data with the utmost care. We do advise however, that you only send us data that is relevant to your application.

We will retain your data throughout the application process and if there is no suitable job for you with us, this data will be removed.

If we decide to retain your data for a possible future vacancy, we will ask for your permission to do so and in making that request inform you about the intended retention period.

When you take up employment with Farm Brothers, we will retain your data in accordance with the relevant legal retention period.

More information

More information about privacy law can be found on the website of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Authority on Personal Data, website available in English).

This privacy statement was developed with the greatest care. However, if you still have any questions about it or suggestions for it, we would like you to contact us. You can get in touch via