B Corp

We don’t just bake cookies.

We bake cookies to make the world a little nicer. We take our responsibility for the quality of our cookies, our distribution chain and our impact on society. We are always looking for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. By doing business responsibly, we want to make people aware of today’s soil issues and actively do something about them! Our efforts? They are rewarded!

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Since 2016, we have been entitled to call ourselves an official B Corp! In order to get this certificate, various aspects of our business were scrutinised through a strict application procedure. Only transparent companies with the highest social standards and environmental performance qualify. Yes, we are one of them! We are therefore very proud to join the network of other B Corps such as Tony’s Chocolonely, Patagonia, Innocent and Ben & Jerry’s. We want to show that running a business does not have to be all about profit. We see money as a means to action. More specifically: COOKIE ACTION!

We are clearly not just about the fancy certificate. As a Benefit Corp, we want to have a positive impact on society and the world. We take responsibility and thus contribute our bi(scui)t to an inclusive and sustainable economy.

We strive for continuous improvement and therefore recertify ourselves every three years.

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