Hi! We’re the Farm Brothers and we make cookies to improve the soil.

Because 40% of the world’s fertile soil is already depleted and if we don’t do something, the rest will also be lost within the next 60 years.  

  • Because a healthy soil can combat climate change.
  • Because a healthy soil is the basis of our food production.

Therefore, a soil cultivated by organic farming is essential: no pesticides and chemicals.

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That’s why we support ORGANIC FARMERS in two ways:

  1. We make cookies from 100% organic ingredients, full of flavour.
  2. With every pack of cookies sold, we buy 12cm² of degraded farmland and turn it into healthy, organic farmland forever!

Because the soil matters. We care about the earth.

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Are you curious about how our story started?

We’ll be more than happy to guide you through time!

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