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Farm Brothers

Who is Farm Brothers?

Farm Brothers was founded in 2013 as an impact organisation with a mission: a healthy soil for all generations to come. How do we want to achieve this? By selling the most delicious, organic cookies! Because organic farming contributes to a healthy soil. Yes, indeed: small cookies, great ambitions!

Which products do you offer?

We have an Original and Kids' cookie assortment. Both ranges are organic, vegan and free from palm oil! The Original cookies combine the tastiest flavours: Ginger & Lemon , Almond Brownie, Hazelnut Cinnamon Roll, Pecan Coco Choco and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Yum! Our KIDS’ cookie assortment is brown-baked, deliciously crunchy and contains 33% less sugar compared to other (organic) cookies on the market.

You are a B Corp, what does that mean?

Since 2016, we have been B Corp certified, that’s right. And we are incredibly proud of that! The ‘Benefit Corporation’ certificate is awarded to companies that focus on responsible entrepreneurship. We received this certificate after a strict application procedure. Various issues were scrutinised: management, employees, community, environment and customers. Every three years, a recertification process takes place that stimulates continuous improvement. We are honoured to be part of this community, together with our big idols Tony’s Chocolonely, Patagonia, Innocent and others.

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Our mission

What is your mission?

Our mission: a healthy soil for all generations to come. In 3 powerful words: #SaveTheSoil.

Why should we care about soil health?

Because we’ve already lost 40% of our healthy soil and, if we don’t take action, we’ll lose the rest in the coming 60 years. Because healthy soil can combat climate change and is the basis of our food production. Soil cultivated through organic farming is essential: no pesticides and chemicals.

How does Farm Brothers save the soil?

Farm Brothers supports organic farmers in 2 ways: 1. We make cookies from 100% organic ingredients. Yes, indeed, you can taste it! 2. With every pack of cookies sold, we buy 12cm² of degraded farmland and turn it into healthy, organic farmland forever! We do this together with our partner BD Grondbeheer from The Netherlands.

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Partner BD Grondbeheer

How does your partnership with BD Grondbeheer work?

We collaborate with the Dutch organisation BD Grondbeheer to buy degraded farmland and sell it (without profit) to organic farmers. Concretely, we donate 0.5% of our annual turnover to BD Grondbeheer to do so. Or, in other words, with every pack you buy as a consumer you save approx. 12cm² of farmland forever!

Who is your partner BD Grondbeheer?

BD Grondbeheer is a Dutch foundation that strives for healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy economy. They do this through biodynamic agriculture. Through donations and perpetual bonds, BD Grondbeheer buys conventional farmland and repays the loans on it. They then lease that land (on a non-profit basis) to nature-friendly farmers and horticulturists. In this way, they ensure fertile farmland - now and in the future - for the production of healthy and vital food. BD Grondbeheer guarantees soil fertility for at least seven generations to come.

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Organic farming

What does ‘organic’ really mean?

The term ‘organic’ should not be used lightly. It means that a product is made from raw materials or ingredients grown without chemical or synthetic pesticides. Organic farmers are also forbidden to use artificial fertilizers, and animals must be treated according to the requirements of organic legislation. You can recognise organically packaged food products by the EU organic label.

Why is organic farming better for the soil?

Organic farming has several advantages over traditional farming methods. First, it supports biodiversity, maintaining a rich variety of plants, animals and micro-organisms. This ensures a healthy and resilient ecosystem. In addition, organic farming helps clean and maintain water and water quality. This is because it does not use chemical pesticides and fertilisers that can leak into water sources. Furthermore, organic farming creates more organic matter in the soil, which contributes to better soil structure and fertility. As a result, we have nutrient-rich soil that produces healthier crops. In short, organic farming is a holistic approach that benefits both the environment and the consumer.

How much carbon can the soil absorb?

The soil stores three times as much CO2 as the atmosphere, and twice the amount in all plants and soil! Crazy. Still not convinced of the power of our soil, then what on earth does it take?

What is meant by degraded soil?

Until now, 40% of the soil worldwide has already been degraded. That’s huge! Degraded land comes in different forms: excessively farmed land, arid desert land, cleared rainforests, etc.

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Is your packaging recyclable?

The Farm Brothers KIDS packaging is 100% recyclable (cardboard & foil). The Farm Brothers 135g Original packaging is not fully recyclable due to the foil (cardboard = paper, transparent tray = PMD, foil = residual waste). So, we are working on a recyclable foil solution that will help us maintain the quality of our cookies.

What is the best way to store the cookies after opening?

Our biscuits will last the longest if you store them in their original, sealed packaging for up to 3 days after opening. Ideally, you should also store the biscuits in a cool and dry place (between 16 and 20 degrees).


Are Farm Brothers cookies healthy?

Farm Brothers biscuits are made from organic, natural ingredients. This means the ingredients are grown without chemical or synthetic pesticides, which ensures that Farm Brothers cookies are natural. But they are still a cookie, which means there is also some sugar. In the children's biscuits (Natural and Choco Chip), however, the sugar content is as much as 33% less.

On what is the -33% sugar claim based in our children’s cookies?

Our children's cookies contain 33% less sugar compared to other (organic) children's cookies in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany!

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