Our Mission

Our mission: a healthy soil for all generations to come.

In three powerful words: #SaveTheSoil. But why on earth would we want to save the soil?

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A healthy soil can combat climate change!

Soil is the second largest buffer for carbon after the oceans. In fact, did you know that the soil stores three times the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and twice the amount contained in all plants and trees?! CRAZY.

However, damaged soil releases CO2 back into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change.



BUT! The amount of fertile soil on our planet is declining dramatically.

Did you know that about one football field of fertile farmland disappears every five seconds due to soil erosion?

As much as 40% of the world’s fertile soil is already depleted. If we continue like that, we’ll lose the rest within 60 years. Say what?!

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We urgently need to do something, and organic farming can help us in the battle!

Organic farming can help us in the fight for a healthy soil! Organic farming ensures healthy soil because it stops monoculture, improper farming and mass use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of organic farming:

  • Supports biodiversity
  • Cleans & maintains water and water quality
  • More organic matter in the soil
  • Nutrient-rich soil
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What exactly are we doing?
Farm Brothers COOKIE ACTION!


Farm Brothers supports organic farmers in two ways:

  1. We make cookies from 100% organic ingredients, full of nutrients and flavour.  
  2. With every pack of cookies sold, we turn a piece of degraded farmland  into healthy, organic farmland forever. In order to do this, we collaborate with Bodemfonds BD Grondbeheer from The Netherlands.  
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Teamwork makes the dream work: meet our partner!

Unfortunately, merely baking delicious cookies won’t get us very far. We therefore work together with the soil foundation BD Grondbeheer from the Netherlands. We give them part of our turnover and they use it to buy degraded, conventional farmland and lease it to biodynamic farmers. Without profit, of course! 

This is how we support organic farmers and encourage conversion to organic farming methods. The result? Healthy soil that ensures healthy crops, allowing organic farmers to provide us with the very best ingredients for our cookies.

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