we bake cookies to change the earth

  • Buy a pack - and save a piece of degraded farmland.
  • Together we will turn the earth organic again. Yum!

Hi there!
We are the farm brothers

And we became cookie makers to change the earth. Literally.
Did you know that in the last 100 years we have lost 50% of our fertile earth worldwide, 
due to chemicals and pesticides? The next 60 years we stand to loose the rest. We couldn’t stand it any longer and quit our day jobs to take action. Cookie action.

With each pack of our organic cookies you buy – you save a cookie-sized piece (12cm²) of degraded farmland in Flevoland – that we turn organic forever.

Cookie by cookie – hectare by hectare we will make a change. Are you in?

Our Promise

Since 2016, Farm Brothers has been a certified Benefit Corporation – a movement that uses the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. B Corporations compete not only to be the best in the world, but the best for the world. As an organic cookie company, we take responsibility for the quality of our products, our supply chain and impact on society. We pay attention to sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions that do good in the world. To make a positive, cookie friendly impact we’re committed to increasing the amount of healthy soil in the world, and we do this with our #makesoilmatter campaign and we donate .5% of our turnover to our Soil Fund

How do we #makesoilmatter?

  • We share the story of how and why we #makesoilmatter with everyone who will listen. We’re showing the world why our soils need help and what we can do about it!
  • We directly support organic farmers and help conventional farmers transition to organic with our Soil Fund. Right now we donate .5%, and plan to give more in the future.
  • We are building a community of consumers, businesses, institutions, and Farmers who will join us on our quest for healthy soil and make sure we all #makesoilmatter.

Learn more at www.makesoilmatter.com


Our slow-baked cookies don’t just do good – they taste really good too. So good, that we have made a very long list on why you should try them:

  • 100% organic
  • Low in salt and fat
  • Unrefined cane sugar
  • Fibre rich
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 100% spelt, oats & rye
  • Palm oil free
  • Egg free

We make cookies. Good cookies.

Organic is a way of life!

Farm Brothers cookies are 100% organic. Organic farmers make sure their soil is healthy, living, and full of nutrients. Because our ingredients come from healthy soil, they are better for you and the planet. Organically grown ingredients are nutrient rich, support biodiversity and soil water retention, and hold carbon in the soil. When you choose to buy organic, you support organic farmers and directly impact the growth of the organic market! With more organic farms, there is more healthy soil. Join the Farm Brothers family and take action to change the food system and make a healthy planet! To learn more about organic and how we help the soil, visit www.makesoilmatter.com

How you can help

You can share our story on social media - and eat more good cookies by finding us in these stores:

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Hello, we’re the Farm Brothers!

We are a dedicated team of organic food lovers with a passion for baking and a firm belief in our mission to Make Soil Matter! We see our company as a group of friends on a mission to change the world. We’re keen on meeting like minded people! Please drop us a line if you are interested in joining the team!

Herman Insinger – Oversight and Joie de Vivre

Tjebbe van Meeteren – Sales and 1st pianist

Teyler Padberg – Logistics and head Chef

Uli Botzojorns – Marketing and Bringer of Joy

Aurora Amorini – Sales and Sustainability hero

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margart Mead, US anthropologist & popularizer of anthropology (1901 – 1978)